Monday, April 20, 2009

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Game 2009 Video

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rich Rodriguez Post Spring Game Presser

Rich Rodriguez's spring game press conference

Spring Game Observations


Though I'm more than 2,000 miles away and had to observe over an feed, I have to admit that the Spring Game (scrimmage) was fun to watch. Most of the scrimmage entailed either the first offense vs. the second defense or the second offense vs. the first defense. Apart from this, the team practice field goals, punting, and other situational-type scenarios. The latter took place at the end of the scrimmage.

I know what people will say after I say this, but, Tate looked really solid today. Of course, he wasn't "live," and didn't have to worry about contact, but this kid can flat out play. He made one costly mistake backed up into the endzone where he allowed a safety and fumbled, but things like that are going to happen early. Other than this miscue, he starred. His passes were generally crisp, accurate, and timely. His escapability was definitely showcased today. There were several instances where the pocket collapsed or a defender showed his face where Tate was able to pull it down and take off. This is an area that could help this team tremendously this year.

Brown's long touchdown scamper was a thing of beauty; excellent blocking up front, great vision and burst, and good top end speed to capitalize. It certainly looks like Coach Rodriguez will try to get Minor and Brown both into the backfield at the same time as often as possible.

Minor didn't overly impress today, but we all know what he's capable of when he gets going so I won't worry too much about that. He didn't get many opportunities to make plays.

It was good to see the receivers get into the action. They were nearly non-existent all of last year. Mathews had a nice grab on a fade ball from Forcier. Roundtree had a grab or two. Robinson made several solid plays. Hemingway got into the fold a little with the Coner. Being a receiver coach myself, I'd say they had a decent outing. Stonum seems to be uncomfortable still, but he's a talented athlete and will improve.

I know this offense doesn't feature much from a TE, but I still figured to see Koger and Webb get some balls thrown their way today. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. Maybe those packages are reserved for the Western game?

The defense needs some work, though much of their lack of success could probably be attributed to missing players. Several key guys were held out of today's scrimmage for various reasons, including Martin and Warren.

Check out later for updates and to see the team's award winners from the Spring. Also, I think it's safe to assume will have updates available later, as well.