Sunday, February 15, 2009

Michigan 70 - Northwestern 67

What is it about Northwestern teams that are always so pesky?  It doesn't matter if it's football or basketball, they always seem to do just enough to make you cringe.  Today, they did just enough to force a decent Michigan team into overtime.  Thankfully for the Wolverines, Manny Harris took the game into his own hands and played basketball the way he knows how.  It actually was pretty scary down the stretch with C.J. Lee looking shaky under duress.  It was interesting to see Kelvin get into the game so late to handle the defensive pressure.  Unfortunately, he gave Craig Moore a wide open look as he played a screen wrong - again.

It was ugly, but hey, a win's a win, especially in the Big Ten...on the road.

Dylan over at has a nice write-up of the post game.  I'd write my own but like I said before, the in-laws are in town from Michigan.  I've got to be a "good hubby."

Go Blue!

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