Monday, February 16, 2009

Steven Threet Transfers

Incumbent Michigan quarterback Steven Threet has decided to transfer from the University of Michigan. Threet gave a statement to the press Monday announcing his decision. No word as of yet as to where he will transfer. Last year, he started eight games for Michigan, completing 102 of 210 passes for 1,105 yards and throwing nine touchdowns.

Everyone knows Threet isn't the type of QB that Rodriguez prefers, as evidenced by the signing of two dual-threat QB's this year, but I think most people agree he was a decent player last year when healthy. Given a year under his belt, he may have either pushed the freshmen for playing time, or provided a crucial role by mentoring the two.

Is this a devastating blow to Michigan's chances for success in 2009? I don't think so. Personally, I think Tate was going to start from day one regardless. Still, this situation is disappointing because of depth. For example, if Tate starts and Denard picks up the system early enough to earn the backup role, then Sheridan almost by default becomes the 3rd option. I like Nick, and think he's a good kid, but I'm not sure if anyone ever wants to see him take a meaningful snap again for the Wolverines.

It is what it is. Threet was not brought in by Rodriguez to run his offense. The writing is on the wall for Steven. This obviously shows that the transition is far from complete. It will probably take another year or two for Rodriguez to fully put his stamp on the program. Still, I think his track record speaks for itself.

Michigan will be back. Will it happen this year? Who knows? Will this year be as bad as last? Probably not. At the very least, we will see improvement on the field. An improved offensive line, improved RB play, more skilled offensive players, and two extremely talented freshmen QBs will improve upon 3-9 most certainly.

Let the countdown to spring practice begin...

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