Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Practice Update

Spring Practice began today for the Michigan Wolverines Football team. has a rundown of the day, a twenty page photo gallery, a video of practice hosted by Doug Karsch, and an audio clip on Rich Rodriguez's comments prior to practice. The team used its new outdoor facility, though the temperature hovered around 35-40 degrees. They practiced in helmets, jerseys, and sweats as they must have two non-padded practices before going full gear.

Update: The Free Press posted a twenty page photo gallery as well. They have a few nice shots of both William Campbell and Tate Forcier.

Update: Tate Forcier looked pretty good today, throwing several "pin-point passes."

Update: Mlive finally comes through with a little tidbit from today's practice. It's mostly about Sheridan and Foricer though.

Another Update: Be sure to check out the video on It's about six minutes long, has interviews from several key players, and shows the players going through a variety of drills.

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