Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Not a ton going on today in the world of Michigan sports. Of course, there's a lot of talk going around the blogosphere about Michigan's tournament chances with an "elimination game" heading into Minneapolis. The bottom line seems to be if Michigan wins at Minnesota on Saturday, then doesn't stink it up at the Big Ten Tournament in Chicago, they should be safe come Selection Sunday.

For the Wolverines to have a chance against a decent Minnesota team on the road, they need to play like they did for the first 36+ minutes of the first meeting. The threes were falling, the assist to turnover ratio was great (21-8), and the defense was solid. The X-Factor in this game might be the fact that last time at Crisler, Manny had limited opportunities, finishing with only 8 points in 22 minutes. I doubt this will be the case come Saturday, as Manny has been stepped his game up a bit lately. Will Tubby and co. prepare for him? Given the fact that Novak and Stu shot lights out (both 6-10) last matchup, Minnesota may focus their efforts in stopping the 3-point shooting instead.

Lost at Sea

The lastest from the story of the NFL players lost at sea: the Coast Guard has decided to suspend the search at sundown today. Still missing from the boating accident are Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, ex-Lions lineman Corey Smith, and former USF player William Bleakley. My thoughts and prayers go out to these families while they deal with this terrible situation. Marquis Cooper is the son of AZ News Broadcaster Bruce Cooper, who co-hosts Friday Night Fever, a high school football recap program airing every Friday Night during football season. The coaching staff and I have spent many-a-nights at TGI Fridays watching this broadcast after our games.

  • Brian at Mgoblog apparently brought a curse upon Sri Lanka this weekend.
  • John Belein takes a few calls via teleconference and comments on Manny Harris.
  • Whew! Red Berenson is coming back to the Michigan Hockey Team for at least one more year. I've always enjoyed going to Yost and watching a great hockey team. Red is a huge reason (the reason) for the success of Michigan hockey over the years.
  • After a flirtation with the 49ers over the weekend, Kurt Warner has countered Arizona's earlier offer.

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